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Making creative videos with a real purpose.

We’re guessing that you’ve arrived here because you’re thinking about having a video made. We know how difficult it can be choosing who you’re going to work with – after all, you’re purchasing something that doesn’t yet exist. You’ll need to trust the production company you choose to be able to deliver exactly what you need. We stand by our record and know that once you start working with us you’ll have the reassurance of a choice well made.

The Dragonfly effect

If a dragonfly flaps its wings…

We know how hard it can be choosing a production company, you’ll need to trust them to deliver a video that really works – on time, and on budget. We stand by our record, so give us a chance and you’ll soon find out that you’ve made the right choice.

About us

You need a production company you can trust to deliver the video you need.

We stand by our record, give us a chance and you’ll soon find out that you made the right choice.

What makes Dragonfly Different?

How many promotional videos do you think you’ve watched in the last few months, and how many of those can you remember? Most of the video content out there is poorly thought out, misdirected and ineffective. We don’t make those kinds of videos.

At Dragonfly we bring cinema quality video to business. We take a different approach to video production and put your goals at the centre of our process. We specialise in engaging and effective videos. Whether it’s bringing your product to life, showing how technology works, covering a music event or shooting a fashion show, we simply get the job done.

Why Dragonfly?

We are a full service video agency, with a strong emphasis on pre-production and planning. We use bespoke, hand-picked crews for each production, so we can give you more value, whatever your budget. If it’s creative or media related, chances are we can help.

Want one?

We have a strong focus on planning, and we use hand-picked crews for every job. Whatever your budget, and whatever you want to say, we can help you get more video for your money.

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Promotional video is a tool and it has a job to do. We understand you need a return on your investment, so we’ll look at exactly what you want to achieve and ensure our efforts are 100% aligned with your goals.

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At Dragonfly we pride ourselves on being known as much for our ideas as our skill behind the lens. There’s a mountain range of dull video in the world already so why add to it? We’ll help you fly above it.

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Behind every good video is a great team. Our people are among the best in our industry, so we've become the trusted providers of video services to companies and organisations who are the best in theirs.

So who are Dragonfly?

We are a full service video agency, an end-to-end solution. Our process is comprehensive and we put a strong emphasis on pre-production planning. We understand that you might not know what you want yet, or you might have specific outcomes you want to see from your video but you’re not sure how to achieve them. When you work with Dragonfly you are not just buying a video, we’ll work closely with you at all stages of the process and guide you through your options so we can develop a strong and suitable concept from the beginning.

What else can we do?

We’ll help you achieve your goals, whatever it takes. Part of our client focused approach means going beyond the call of duty and making sure you get everything you need – We’ve even had clients ask to use our writing staff on print publications after they’ve seen what they could do first hand. When you work with us, you’re not just buying a video, you get a creative ally who’ll work alongside you and help you rise above the rest.

What makes us different?

We are different. We just can’t help it. The way we work means we can produce more effective video content for a smaller piece of your marketing budget, and still keep the passion that makes it fun to come into work each day. Our core team is supported by a carefully selected network of freelancers, which means we can tailor our crew to our clients’ needs on an individual basis. This ensures we continue to pull in the best talent for each job, and allows us to keep our overheads low and our fees competitive.

How much does it cost?

We can work to almost any budget and we’ll be happy to have a chat and show you what your options are. If you’re not sure how much you should be spending then we’ve made it really easy for you, take a look at our video production costs page to get a better idea of what we can do for you.

Do we play nice?

Sure, we love collaborating and our team has a lot to offer to other agencies. Also, nobody even needs to know that we’re working for you. Welcome to the covert world of video company ‘embedding.’

Don't just take our word for it!

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