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World class animation for business video

Animation can connect you with your audience in a fun, emotional and eye-catching way. It can also be a great tool for getting across instructions or information clearly and effectively. We use a team of animators with their own unique skills and styles to create everything from animated logos, motion graphics and presentation of statistics, to fully animated short films. Animation can also be used to seriously enhance a traditional video and can easily make the impossible possible.


Northampton Council

Produced as part of the government’s ‘Building Schools for the Future’ initiative, Dragonfly was commissioned to create a first-of-its- kind DVD to help primary school children make choices about their transition to secondary school.


This video was produced for AAT to welcome new members. Our client had a lot to say with this video, so scriptwriting and pre-production planning played a big part in ensuring this video ticked all of the boxes.


Created for Morrisons Utility Services, this 3D animated training video involved rendering characters as good-looking as any Pixar movie. The Dragonfly animators demonstrated their ability to produce very high end animated content of the highest standard.


Dragonfly animated the Type 26 frigate for BAE Systems to assist them in a bid to build new warships for the Australian government. The 3D animated ship produced by the Dragonfly team was central to a multi-billion dollar bid to supply Australia’s navy.


This video was created for Fish4Jobs. They asked us to produce an animated video which highlighted the fact that the best employees are not searching through job adverts and that employers need clever ways to attract the right talent.

Imperial College

We were asked by Imperial College to produced a series of animated and live action videos, to promote their facilities and courses to potential students. The videos follow a distinct brand style and have been rolled out across a variety of platforms including social media.


This animation was produced by the Dragonfly team to grab attention. Our animators have previously worked with Pixar and our objective was to create an animated promo for our company which was as good looking as any cinema grade 3D animated feature.


An informative video which has real entertainment value. Our client wanted to avoid the usual local government video style and produce something which was really engaging. Our brief was to boil down the subject into a punchy script and develop a creative and effective visual style.

Midlands Psychology

This video is an example of Dragonfly's best work. The brief from our client was to create a compelling and engaging short film that would effectively convey positive messages about an autism service for children and the transformation in service provision that was being achieved by the service.


Dragonfly jumped at the chance to create this animation for Sea Life Centre. The team adopted a hand drawn style and enjoyed every moment animating fish, seahorses and sea turtles. The finished animated video is the result of 100s of hours work, which has real artistic merit.

Natural History Museum

The National History Museum hosted National Insect Week each year and in 2014, Dragonfly were asked to produce two animated videos to screen at the event. We decided on a hand drawn approach and a traditional 'text book' style for these animations, something which suited the educational objective.

Dragonfly Animation

This animation is something we produced for ourselves. Take a look, it explains all of the reasons why you should be working with Dragonfly!

3D Animation

Wow your audience and grab them by the eye-balls with a 3d world Pixar would be proud of. Guaranteed to keep them watching.

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Hand Drawn Animation

Using hand drawn animation can give your video a powerful emotional content. Whether it’s nostalgia, homeliness or just that Lo-fi vibe.

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Explainer Videos

Explain yourself – who you are and what you do. There’s no substitute for talking directly and openly with your customers.

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Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is a great communicator and is the most affordable style of animated video!

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Motion Design

Seriously enhance the effectiveness of your production with moving graphics that draw the viewer in, and reinforce your identity.

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Product Animation

The most effective way to demonstrate a product. Show how things work in a way that text or talking heads cannot rival.

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Animate your business, and start turning heads.

The beauty of an animated video is that you can take your audience anywhere you want. You can show your customers how your product functions, create spellbinding graphics to show how your service can boost productivity or create a memorable on-screen character (but no meerkats please.)

Nothing sticks in the memory like a bold and beautiful animation. If you need a zooming, panning fly-through of your latest designs, a detailed look inside the human body or a charming advert that everyone can relate to, now you can wow your clients with a striking and spectacular visual feat that will leave a lasting impression. Have a look at what dragonfly can do for you.

Why choose Dragonfly to produce your animation?

Creativity without limits

Our award winning team of animators love to push the limits and stamp their own personal flair on all the videos we make. If you want a sketchy, hand drawn animation full of heart-felt emotion – we’ve got it. Sterling, sleek and shiny computer graphics? Say no more.

There are other companies out there producing animations right now, but we know that we can do a better job. Some people have a way with words, we have a way with images. Not only that, but we also have an unrivalled staff of animators from all styles and backgrounds working for us. We have the ability to pick out an animator to work on your project who can give you exactly what you want (and make it look good.)

Having an animated video online can help your site rank higher on Google, make a lasting impression on your clients, attract more customers and place your brand firmly at the front of peoples’ minds. Animation lets you do this with unrivalled possibilities, so let us help you do business. If a picture can say a thousand words… imagine what will video do for you. Get in touch, your project could be our next.

Dragonfly's animated videos

Bring your business to life

Animation can put you in touch with your audience’s emotions, and get across instructions or information clearly in a way other video can’t. We’ve got a team of animators who create everything from animated logos, motion graphics and presentation of statistics, to fully animated short films. Prepare to turn your wildest dreams into reality.

Animated videos

Nothing connects you with your audience like animation, it’s emotional and eye-catching – and a great tool for getting information across clearly and effectively.

Imagination, set free

If you want a sketchy animation full of heart – got it, sleek and shiny graphics? Say no more. Dragonfly’s animators are artists, and we love to tweak our designs until we get something that we’re proud of handing over. At Dragonfly we create videos that will change the way you think about animation.

Imagination, set free.

If you want hand drawn animation full of emotion – or sleek and shiny computer graphics – then say no more. Our animators can create videos that get your viewers thinking, and feeling.

Animation styles

You can choose from many different types of animation

Some of our animations

Previous work

Why choose Dragonfly?

Some people have a way with words, we have a way with images. We’ve worked for some huge companies in the past, and we’re committed to getting our clients the most for their money. We also have an unrivaled staff of animators from all styles and backgrounds, so we can get you exactly what you want from your video. Get in touch today!

Choose Dragonfly

Some people have a way with words, we have a way with images – just imagine what a Dragonfly animation could do for your next project. Get in touch, and find out.

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