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How We Work

How can a Dragonfly video work for you?

When it comes to making video, we never miss our mark

Whoever your target market is, we know what makes them tick. If you want to really connect with your audience then you have to understand how they think. We can show you how to do this, we can even help you identify exactly who your audience is (or should be) and what your video should be doing to engage with them in the most effective way. We’ll even look into your competitors and how effective their videos are too so we can make sure we’re positioning you ahead of the game, that’s just how we work.

The Dragonfly way

If you want to connect with your audience then you have to get inside their minds. We can show you how to properly identify who your audience are, what they want and how to give it to them, we’ll even look into your competition to make sure the video you put out is more effective than theirs.

How we work

If you want to reach your audience, you need to know how they think. We can help you make a video that really connects with them, and out-smarts the competition.

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Always the most important stage. Through meticulous planning, technical ingenuity and soaring creativity, our team will take the concept for your video and give it a life. Story boards, scripts, drafts and designs will start to make your video real and give us a solid base, and a reliable road-map for production.

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With great planning done we can produce your video effectively and efficiently. Cameras roll, scripts are read, animators animate and all of the pieces of your video are created by the experts we picked out for the job. When everybody knows what they’re doing, everything goes smoothly.

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All of the ground work from production is brought together by the editor with the flair and attention to detail of a watchmaker. Sound, video, animation and graphics are seamlessly woven together and packaged up however you need it – whether it’s for a Youtube video or the silver screen.

Helping you reach your goal

Our goal is to help you achieve yours – that means we work alongside you all the way so you know where the project’s heading, and we know what you’re thinking. After an initial consultation we’ll put together a creative proposal for you, outlining our suggestions for a crack team to work on the project, an idea of the schedule and an overview of what to expect from the final video. Depending on your preferences we can work completely independently, or hand in hand with your people.

A better way of working

With Dragonfly your crew will be handpicked for your project – This means you’re only using people who have the relevant experience, the right motivation and the best ideas to create exactly what you’re looking for. We thrive on challenges and get really excited about solving problems, that’s why we’re always ready for a project and determined to get the most out of each idea and budget – for you, of course, and because we love what we do.


Preparation is key. We make sure we plan every detail to get it right, first time round.


We provide a smooth, hassle free production that always gets things done on time.


Our editors will piece it all together, polish it up and make it ready for a world audience.

The Dragonfly Doctrine

Our three principles for effective video content


If you want your video to be effective it has to stick in the mind of your audience, it doesn’t matter if you’ve got a budget of £1k or £1m, without a good idea your film will falter and be forgotten quickly. There are plenty of professional filmmakers out there with expensive equipment and zero imagination. Luckily we have both, but we’re more excited about using the latter. It’s vital your video truly strikes a chord with your target audience.

‘The Devil’s in the (lack of) detail’

Preparation is everything. We’ll make sure we spend time getting under the skin of your company, product or organization and make sure that no detail is left unchecked. In a high quality production every last element has to be carefully considered and taken care of, a small mistake can seriously affect the impact of a video – even if the viewer has no idea why. Get it right and you’re flying, get it wrong and, well, you’re not.

 ‘If a tree falls in the woods…’

There’s an old philosophical question that reads: ‘If a tree falls in the woods and no-one is there to hear it, does it actually make a sound?’ We’re not sure about trees, but when it comes to your video it most definitely matters. The most creative, well produced, ingenious masterpiece of a video is exactly 0% effective if nobody sees it. We’re determined to help you get your video seen by 100% of your audience, whether you need some inside tips or a full blown video marketing campaign.

Video that works

We don’t just make videos. we make sure they get seen. What’s the point in spending all that time and money on an ineffective product? By using the correct mark-up languages, keyword phrasing and other internet wizardry we will boost your chances of ranking higher in search results, delivering  more likes, clicks, followers and sales!

Get seen!


It would be a real shame if your video was washed out into the great ocean of content, never to see the light of day. We’ve got the tools to make sure that doesn’t happen. We don’t just make videos, we make sure they’re seen

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