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Specialist video services

Bespoke Video Production

We do bespoke videos

At Dragonfly, we offer a tailored video production service, which caters for industry specific needs. From the aviation industry to the the fashion sector, we have it covered.

What this means in real terms, is we deliver a production package to our clients which directly suits their business type. We bring forward relevant talent to service their needs, for example, should we need to shoot cars for one of our clients and to produce something for the automotive industry, we are able to source production talent who have experience working on BBC Top Gear and who can do the job better than most.

This approach has led to Dragonfly being able to create some very well targeted videos, which speak specifically to certain audience types on a variety of specialist subjects.  Take a look at some examples below.

Bespoke Video Production

We do bespoke

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Bespoke Videos

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aerial filming drone

Aerial Filming

Add a touch of cinematic majesty. Sometimes you have to think big, and getting footage from the air can give you a new perspective and lift you above the competition.

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sick grandmother in bed

Charity Videos

We understand that your charity has an important message to send, and we’d like to help you make a video that makes a difference.

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film clipper - different angle

E-learning Video Production

Educational videos don’t just pass on information, they can inspire – or bore. We can help make your video engaging and effective.

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boy with jetpack

Travel Industry Videos

The emotions associated with travel make it perfect for video production. Whether you’re an explorer or a city destination, we can get people feeling that they’re right there with you.

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aeroplane side view of cockpit


We’re the precision engineers for aviation video services, and we’re not afraid of heights.

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animated figure in a wheelchair

Public Sector Videos

Dragonfly have been a trusted provider of professional video services to public sector clients for over a decade now. We are proud to provide a service to those who provide for us.

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model for fashion video on camera display

Fashion Videos

Ready for your close-up? Moving image as beautiful and unique as your designs. Video fit for the catwalk.

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Our Clients

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